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Voice Selector Converse

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For clear conversation in noisy spaces

Our world is full of noise.
And when the background chatter builds, concentrating on speech becomes impossible.

Voice Selector Converse is a small device that connects wirelessly to headphones. It makes listening effortless and conversation easy by automatically sharpening the sounds that matter and tuning out everything else.

Take advantage of the world’s best acoustic beamforming

Our world-leading technology gives you back control of your environment. Built-in microphones and an advanced algorithm track the source of sounds, letting you choose what to listen to, and what to dial down.

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  • The advantage in signal to noise ratio was remarkable and has the potential to significantly help anyone who struggles to understand speech in a noisy environment hear more clearly.
    Dr Lorenzo Picinal Reader in Audio Experience Design Imperial College London
  • I tried this in the pub and it was brilliant. I had a clear conversation and wasn’t overwhelmed by background noise. For me, the Voice Selector Converse works far better than conventional hearing aids in a noisy environment.
    Kenny, 60 Hertfordshire, UK
  • Voice Selector Converse supports people with untreated hearing loss in situations in which understanding and communication become challenging – and offers a very easy entry point into hearing care.
    Mr. Sven Schönfeld Schönfeld Hörsysteme en
  • Voice Selector Converse is an exciting concept: The unique signal-to-noise ratio provides an outstanding improvement in speech understanding in noisy environments - without a hearing aid.
    Mrs. Sabine Welling Hearing-aid acoustician, Welling Hoersysteme en

    Maximum experience, minimum operation

    Voice Selector Converse’s unique automatic mode takes the effort out of listening. Auto-steering technology follows the dominant voice in real-time, even when they’re moving. So you can enjoy a clear conversation.

    Adjust your hearing profile at home

    Voice Selector Converse makes it easy to perform your own hearing assessment.
    Our mobile app builds your personal hearing profile and automatically adjusts your audio balance. Amplifying exactly what you need for quality sound, every time.

    Enjoy full independence

    Setting up and operating your device couldn’t be simpler, and you can make adjustments whenever you need to. The Voice Selector Converse improves your daily routine, seamlessly.

    Capture moments with family

    With Voice Selector Converse taking care of noise, you can chat effortlessly at the dinner table, in the living room, or on a family picnic. It’s time to focus on enjoying the important things.

    Be part of the conversation

    Keep up with even the noisiest social scene, no matter where you are. Let our algorithm follow the conversation for you, even in the most crowded environments.

    Stay ahead at work

    In a fast-moving world, clear communication keeps us from falling behind. Voice Selector Converse helps you stay sharp and focused at work, so you can be on top of your game, even in the busiest meetings.

    Connect better, wherever you are

    Masks and screens in cafés and shops make communication harder than ever. So it’s not unusual to struggle to understand.

    Your lightweight, portable Voice Selector Converse travels with you, making day-to-day exchanges easy. With clearer communication, you can go about your business with freedom.

    Tune in to your favorite show

    Your earphones can connect to your TV, mobile phone, or computer via Bluetooth for a high-quality viewing experience. Enjoy premium audio and independent volume control, so that you can watch TV or make video calls comfortably and effortlessly.

    Talk freely one-to-one

    Voice Selector Converse doubles as a remote wireless microphone, making talking on the move easy. With the device worn by your companion, you can chat freely when driving or cooking together.

    Voice Selector Converse

    Conversation, made easy

    • Clear conversation in noisy spaces
    • Remote microphone
    • TV and Bluetooth compatible
    Secured purchase
    Two-year warranty
    Risk-free trial

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