Crystal clear communication.
Whatever the background noise.

Nuance Hearing’s acoustic beamforming technology gives you effortless focus, no matter where you are, letting you choose what to turn up and what to tune out.

For enhanced focus
in the classroom

Voice Selector Study

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For clear conversation
in noisy spaces

Voice Selector Converse

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The best acoustic beamforming in the world

Our world-leading technology reduces background noise and audible distractions.

An advanced algorithm and array of microphones hone in on the direction of each sound, giving you the space to focus on what matters most.

Experiences made sharper

Our ears hear everything.

And when the background gets busy, it can make concentration impossible. By softening the hubbub in real-time, Nuance Hearing’s low-impact technology clears the air, relieving the effort it takes to filter noise.

A design you’ll love to use

Enjoying our products couldn’t be simpler.

With a high-quality finish and straightforward controls, they are light, durable and elegant. With a comfort and ease that makes things effortless.

Built with your experience in mind.

Technology for good

Our designs provide relief to people suffering in noisy environments. We work extensively with audiologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and education experts to ensure we develop the highest quality products.

By bringing technology and science together we create a better world for our users. And we’re committed to making that experience the best it can be.

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