Our beginnings

The ‘cocktail party problem’ – or the problem of picking out speech in noisy social situations – has remained stubbornly unaddressed for years. So how do you solve it?

In 2015 two brothers, Yehuda and Zohar Zisapel – both tech pioneers since the 1970s – decided to find the answer. Seeking a technological solution to the challenge of understanding conversation in a packed room.

In the years that followed, we’ve made quantum leaps in acoustic beamforming, developing an algorithm that leads the world in directional hearing.

Today, we cooperate with business partners all over the world. From clinical researchers, scientists, educators, and EdTech advocates to businesses in the hearing aid and assistive technology industries.

Bringing our cutting-edge technology to a growing range of applications, and helping people all over the world to cut through the noise.

Our future

We make it our mission to provide meaningful, personal empowerment through technology.
And that’s not something we take lightly.

Noise and attention issues have a damaging effect on communication for millions of people, and we’re determined to help.

Thanks to our truly breakthrough technology, we are able to make a real impact. Improving the quality of life for a diverse group of people.

For clarity, focus, and connection.

Our team

Zohar Zisapel

Co-founder, Director & Board Member

Yehuda Zisapel

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board

Ori Goren

Chief Executive Officer

Yoni Hertzberg

Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

Tami Harel

Chief Audiologist and Director of Clinical Research

Omer Kotzer

VP Products

Oran Bertelsen

Product Development Director

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