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  • Where can I use Voice Selector Study?

    Voice Selector Study can be used to focus on the teacher at the front of the class, and in group sessions.

  • What is the difference between Voice Selector Study and Voice Selector Converse?

    Though both devices look similar, each is optimized for different situations.

    • Voice Selector Study is designed to improve students’ learning experience in the classroom, by focusing on the teacher’s voice while reducing background interferences. It enhances concentration and enables the students to engage their attention on learning, rather than on distractions. This empowers the student as they are able to manage their attention span, and take an active part in learning. The device comes with a set of wired earphones.
    • Voice Selector Converse is optimized for people experiencing difficulties understanding speech in noisy en It is also able to compensate for mild to moderate hearing loss.


  • What is the battery life?

    The battery lasts for up to 10 hours of continuous use.

  • What is the charging time?

    Voice Selector Study fully charges in about one hour.

  • What is the listening range?

    Voice Selector Study is most effective at picking up voices that are up to 6m (20ft) away, where there are no interferences between the student and the teacher. For optimal performance, it is advised that the student sits in the first or second row of the classroom.

  • How does Voice Selector Study reduce interferences in the classroom?

    Voice Selector Study is a directional microphone. It uses beamforming technology to tune in to one direction while reducing the volume of the rest. Voice Selector Study can either automatically follow the teacher, or you can select who you want to listen to manually.


Voice Selector Study & medications


  • How do I operate Voice Selector Study?

    Voice Selector Study can be used in three scenarios:

    1. Lecture – Use Voice Selector Study to automatically follow the teacher at the front of the class and minimize noise from other directions.

    Place your device in a convenient place on your desk. The lit segments should face the front of the class (where the teacher is), while the dark segments face you. Voice Selector Study will then follow the teacher’s voice as they move.

    1. Discussion – In a group discussion, Voice Selector Converse can track the dominant speaker automatically and minimize distractions from other directions. Tap the center button to switch between lecture and discussion mode.
    2. Conversation – Tap any segment to focus on your desired direction while reducing other distractions. You can long tap another segment and manually open up to two directions at the same time.
  • How do I control the volume?

    The volume can be controlled in two ways:

    • Volume controls on Voice Selector Study
    • Inline volume controls on the headphones
  • Can I use Voice Selector Study as a PC microphone?

    Yes. Voice Selector Study can be used as an external microphone for your PC by connecting with the USB charging cable. When used as a microphone, it can capture high-quality directional sound, for example for a speech-to-text application.

Using Voice Selector Study

  • Who should use Voice Selector Study?

    Voice Selector Study is an effective tool for anyone who wants to enhance their listening experience and improve their capacity for focused attention in a learning environment.

  • Where can Voice Selector Study be used?

    Voice Selector Study can be used in classes and lectures, during group meetings and seminars. It’s also ideal for any crowded and noisy location where it’s difficult to hear and understand conversation, like a busy café or an open-plan office space.

  • Can Voice Selector Study be used without headphones?

    No, Voice Selector Study cannot be used without connecting wired headphones.

  • Can I use my own headphones with Voice Selector Study?

    Yes, Voice Selector Study can be used with your favorite, most comfortable headphones, as long as they have a standard 3.5 mm male audio jack.

  • Can Voice Selector Study be used with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones?

    Yes, in fact using headphones with Active Noise Cancelling only improves the function of Voice Selector Study.

  • Can Voice Selector Study be used with wireless or Bluetooth headphones?

    Unfortunately, Voice Selector Study cannot be used with wireless Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth transmission, like most wireless headphone technology, creates a processing delay, which makes listening in real-time impossible. That means that wireless and Bluetooth headphones are not currently suitable for use with Voice Selector Study.

  • Is Voice Selector Study configured with different listening modes?

    Voice Selector Study has four distinct listening mode settings for different situations:

    • Lecture – This mode automatically isolates and follows the voice of the dominant speaker (such as a teacher or lecturer), while reducing background noises coming from behind and to either side of the user. This is the default listening mode on Voice Selector Study.
    • Discussion – This mode automatically isolates the dominant speaking voice from any direction, in real-time. This allows the user to follow the dominant speaker dynamically, such as during classroom discussions with student participation.
    • One-on-One Mode – This mode allows for the manual selection of speaker direction, reducing undesired background noises from all other directions. An ideal setting for intimate conversations between two people in noisy, crowded locations.
    • One-on-Two Mode – This mode allows for the manual selection of two distinct speaker directions, reducing undesired background noises from all other directions. An ideal setting for social or business meetings between three people taking place in noisy, crowded situations.




  • Will using Voice Selector Study result in hearing loss?

    Extended use of all headphones and earphones can cause long-term damage to your hearing. As a result, Voice Selector Study’s maximum volume is limited to below the level at which extended exposure might cause damage. We recommend using the device at a lower, more natural volume for the greatest comfort.

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